Deluge (ru02)

by Tim Sharrock

0.    Regular Diplomacy rules apply except when they don’t. 

1.    Any army in a coastal supply centre which is not ordered to move or support and which is not attacked may be ordered to change into a fleet. 

2.    Rising sea levels result in the gradual submergence of provinces according to Table 1 below.  Submergences occur every year after any adjustments in Winter.  Once submerged, a s.c. is effectively destroyed and may not be used for the following Winter’s adjustments. 

      Table 1 – Submergences 

      W 1901:     Lon, Hol, Bel, Gas, Ven, Lvn. 

      W 1902:     Lpl, Yor, Pic, Apu, Rum, Sev, Fin, Syr, Den. 

      W 1903:     Arm, Bre, StP, Par, Tus, Nap, Bud, Kie. 

      W 1904:     Ber, Mos, Mar, Por, Rom, Vie, Bul, Gre, Pru, Ruh, Gal, Ukr. 

      W 1905:     Wal, Cly, Swe, Tri, Alb, Con, War. 

      W 1906:     Edi, Spa, Tun, Ser, Smy, Sil, Boh. 

      W 1907:     Nwy, Mun, Pie, Tyr, NAf, Bur, Ank. 

3.    Armies in provinces which submerge become fleets and submerged provinces become sea spaces. 

4.    New supply centres are formed in the course of the game according to Table 2. 

      Table 2 – New Supply Centres 

      W 1902:     Wal, Ruh, Tyr.

      W 1903:     Ukr.

      W 1904:     Pie.

      W 1905:     Boh, Sil

      W 1906:     Swi

      W 1907:     NAf. 

When a new s.c. is created it immediately comes under the control of (1) any unit occupying that province, (2) the last country to have a unit in that province (spring or autumn), (3) the country within whose boundary the new s.c. lies or (4) if none of the above it is neutral. 

5.    New s.c.’s within original home territories are home s.c.’s.  A player can build on up to three neutral or foreign s.c. under his control provided no home supply centres are available to build on. 

6.    The province of Switzerland becomes passable in W 1904. 

7.    All Abstraction convoy rules apply. 

8.    The winner is the survivor after W 1908. 

NB. Some versions of Deluge have Sil and Swi reversed in the New SC Chart.