Davis Diplomacy (cm05)

by Fred C. Davis

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1. The 1971 Rules of Diplomacy apply, except as amended below. 

2. There are now 35 supply centres, the s.c. Morocco being added. The requirement for victory remains unchanged at 18 centres. 

3. All unite start as in the regular game, except Italy has F Rome and Austria has F Zara (then is no province Trieste). 

4. Significant Map Changes 

a. Trieste is divided into Croatia, a minor province, and Zara the new Austrian supply centre. 

b. The northern part of St. Petersburg becomes the province Archangel. Whilst StP remains as the supply center, Russia may build fleets in Archangel, if she holds StP. 

c. A new province of Siberia is added, adjoining Arc, Mos and the new province of Persia, which also adjoins Sev, Arm and Syr. 

d. North Africa is divided into Algeria, a minor province, and Morocco, a new neutral supply centre which touches Alg. WMS and SAO. Unite may not move directly between Mor and Spa. 

e. Ireland and Sicily become passable as minor provinces of England and Italy. All units may move directly between Ireland and Clyde, and Naples and Sicily, using a direct passage facility. This does not affect fleet movement between IRI and MAO, and ION and TYS. 

f. Three new sea spaces, Bay of Biscay, South Atlantic and Southern Mediterranean are added. Only Spa sc is now accessible from MAO. WMS adjoins both MAO and SAO at the Straits of Gibraltar. 

5. High Ocean Box (optional) 

a. The High Ocean Box is added to the western and southern edges of the board: connecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean, adjoining NAO, MAO, SAO, ION and SMS. Though shown on the map as being in two parts, the HIO is a single sea space. 

b. Any number of F’s and A/F’s may occupy the Box simultaneously, and no units can be kept from entering the box by being stood off. 

c. A fleet within the High Ocean box can support another F in HIO to move to normal space. A fleet in a normal space can support a F in HIO into another normal space. However, a F inside HIO cannot support a F from one normal space to another, outside of High Ocean. 

6.    Abstraction A/F Rules may be used. (see separate A/F rules module). 

7. Coastal Crawl and Crawling Retreat are now legal. This is the manoeuvre where Fleets swap positions along split coast provinces of Spain and Bulgaria. e.g. F(Spa)nc – Por; F(Por)-Spa sc. 

8. The minor province of Livonia is renamed Courland to remove confusion with Liverpool over abbreviations, and the name Gulf of Lyon is corrected to Gulf of Lions. 

9. New Province Abbreviations

Alg – Algeria
Arc – Archangel
BOB – Bay of Biscay
Cou – Courland
Cro – Croatia
GOL – Gulf of Lions
HIO – High Ocean Box
Ire – Ireland
Mor – Morocco
Per – Persia
SAO – South Atlantic
Sib – Siberia
Sic – Sicily
SMS – Southern Mediterrean
Zar – Zara