Collapse of the Confederacy (nu11)

by S. William Nesbitt II and Jim Cheaney

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Lee pulled back at Gettysburg, eventually back to VA. Lincoln lost re-election and the Union sues for peace. The CSA never had a chance to “conquer the North”, but gladly accepted sovereignty and peace. The Union will not tolerate any Confederate incursions and the border is well fortified. (With the exception of the disputed territory of West Virginia. West Virginia is claimed by both the CSA and the USA but a war-weary Union will not mobilize to defend these claims.)

The Collapse

Not long after the Confederacy is a nation, states begin bickering as there is no strong Federal government to enforce laws, specifically trade laws that are at the heart of interstate disputes.

South Carolina is the first state to secede from the CSA. Realizing that the fragmentation of the CSA is a huge opportunity for European powers, Spain (through Cuba) and Great Britain (through Bermuda and the Bahamas) support and foment rebellion among the slaves. This is done ostensibly in the name of “liberty” and “freedom”. The secession of South Carolina is the catalyst that starts the slave rebellion and the disintegration of the CSA.

There are two slave armies: one (supplied by the British) in Charleston and one (supported by the Spanish) in Montgomery. The burden of two civil wars and now a slave rebellion is too much to handle: the governments of Alabama and South Carolina collapse.

First Georgia, then Kentucky and Texas and finally Virginia secedes from the CSA. The remaining states are in disarray and the weakened government of the CSA is moved to a new provisional capital in Little Rock, but the Confederacy appears powerless to act in this time of crisis.

The gamestarts in Spring 1869.

The Powers

A – Louisville, A – Lexington & A Baducah

A – Shen. Valley, A – Richmond & F Norfolk

A – Atlanta, A – Augusta, A Savannah

A – Jackson, A – Sta, F – Pas

A – Dallas, A – San Antonio, A – Houston

Great Britain
F – Bermuda, F – Bahama

F – Havanna, A Guantanamo

Other Forces 

A – Mexico
The Mexican only defends. It will never move or attack. This army will retreat off the board if forced.

A – Mobile (Spanish player writes orders for this army.)
A – Charleston (British player writes orders for this army.)Slave armies have no home centers and must end their turn on a supply center or disband. British and Spanish players may not build slave armies.

The Ports

Any power that takes and holds Norfolk, Florence or New Orleans may build fleets on these centers as if these were home centers. The ports may not be used to build armies.