Cognac (rb06)

by R. Bart

The map and rules are the same as Regular Diplomacy except the following:

1) There are eleven (11) games seasons:

January, March, May, July, September moves

February, April, June, August retreats

November Removals

December builds

These are long years

2) After the September moves, dislodged units are annihilated.

3) In November, each player designates up to two (2) fleets as “special”.  These fleets (two of them) must be adjacent to two (2) separate unoccupied supply centers, both owned by the country in question.

4) In December, each country builds one unit in each unoccupied supply center which it owns, except for the two which are supplying the two (2) “special” fleets.

5) No other special rules.