Chromatic Diplomacy (ug16)

by Jimmy Millington, Robs Schone and Lynsey Smith

Five Different Coloured Powers vie for control of the Rainbow Coloured mapboard.

Map based upon Romans V1.0 until I can draw up a new one. All provinces and sea spaces have been renamed, in tune with the multihued
nature of the game.

All the Numbers get removed, and so the game isn’t influenced by who should own what tunis, and by the fact that the numbers are there at all!


Blue:     Cobalt, Royal, Sapphire
Dark:     Obsidian, Ebony, Jet
Light:    Ghost, Ivory, Alabaster
Red:      Ruby, Crimson, Vermillion
Yellow:   Sunshine, Gold, Topaz
Unowned:  Malachite, Bronze, Silver, Garnet, Magenta, Crystal


Blue:     Army Cobalt, Army Royal, Fleet Sapphire
Dark:     Army Obsidian, Army Ebony, Fleet Jet
Light:    Army Ghost, Army Ivory, Fleet Alabaster
Red:      Army Ruby, Army Crimson, Fleet Vermillion
Yellow:   Army Sunshine, Army Gold, Fleet Topaz


There are 21 Little Black Dots, so 11 is the magic number!