Chaos II (rh06)

by Michel Feron

1. The rules and map of regular Diplomacy (ed. 1971) are used, except as noted below.

2. There are 34 players, each starting with one supply center.

3. There is a preliminary season (Winter 1900) during which each player builds a unit on his center (armies on land‑locked provinces, armies or fleets on coastal provinces).

4. Each player is also allowed to erect two conquered supply centers into ‘home’ supply centers during the game. He will then be allowed to build on these new supply centers as on his starting center. To become a new home supply center, such center must have been controlled by the same player during two consecutive Winters. The player must also notify to the Gamesmaster that he wishes to transform a conquered center into a home center, since such transformation is not automatic.

5. Such a center will lose its quality of home supply center when occupied (even during a Spring season only) by a foreign unit. The player can of course give it back its quality of home supply center by recapturing it and controlling it during two new Winters and re‑notifying the transformation. Anyway, the loss of a home supply center does not allow a player to erect a third center into a home supply center.

6. If no more than one third of the remaining powers (including those in civil disorder) own more than 17 centers, they may send a formal declaration of alliance to the GM during a Winter season. Every concerned player must send the GM a declaration giving the complete list of all the other powers of the alliance and, if all the lists tally with each other, all the allied players share a tied victory.

7. The center with which one starts does not lose its quality of home supply center when occupied by a foreign unit during a Spring season only.

Although he did say ‘CHAOS II’ was inspired from Don Miller’s ‘CHAOS’, Michel Feron did find the idea of his variant in the same author’s ‘ANARCHY’.

1st edition in NUEVO RICO 2. (1972), by Michel Feron.