C – Variants

rm64Cabinet DiplomacySteve Doubleday21
rm75Cabinet Diplomacy IIPhil Reynolds7
ea07Canton DiplomacyPaul Webb7
us02Capitalist DiplomacyDave Tant 9 – 12
us10Capitalist Diplomacy (circa 1897)Kerry Slavin7
us07Capitalist-DippyLukas Kautzsch 
us08Capitalist-Dippy IIPer Westling 
lc02Caribbean DiplomacySteph Mabie5
lc06Caribbean Diplomacy IISteph Mabie4
rs26Cartel DiplomacyBrown and Loveys7
uu11CarthageHartley Patterson 
uu03Cat DiplomacyErnie Melchior3
rb30Catastrophe Diplomacy??7
rz03Catspaw DiplomacyRon Melton, Mike Ritter and Kevin Rowland3
pr03CaucasiaChristian Dreyer5
hb08CentenaryWilliam Preston7
lc01Central American DiplomacyRussell Fox7
rb50Chained LightningSteve Doubleday7
rh13Chaos (Judge Version)Author Unknown34
rs48Chaos DiplomacyRichard Weiss7
rs05Chaos ID. Miller7
rh06Chaos IIMichel Feron34
rg06Character DiplomacyFred Davis7
rg15Character Diplomacy (Batyville Version)Ralph Baty7
rg14Character Diplomacy IIJohn Galt and Fred Davis7
ec01Chinese DiplomacyTom McCloud6
ug16Chromatic DiplomacyJames Millington, Robert Schone and Lynsey Smith5
fc01ChronicleLes Walker7
rb121ChronosWes Malkin7
vb02Circle VariantMark Weidmark2
sb01Cities in Flight IThomas Galloway 
sb02Cities in Flight III?? 
rm27City / Country DiplomacyMartin Janta-Polczynski7
pw03City-StateHartley Patterson7
rm95Civilization DiplomacyBabak Talebi 
ac17Classical DiplomacyAndy Schwarz and Vincent Mous5
rs44ClassixMartin Janta-Polczynski6
ao01Claudian DiplomacyAuthor Unknown5
cn06Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IR. Cline9
cn01Cline 9-Man Diplomacy II (“IV”)Robert Cline9
cn04Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IIIRobert Cline, Von Metzke, Naus and Bullock9
cn05Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IV.1 (“V”)Robert Cline and Fred Davis9
cn09Cline 9-Man Diplomacy IV.2Conrad Von Metzke version of a Fred Davis revision9
cn08Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VRobert Cline, Fred Davis and Andrew Poole (for UKVB)9
cn10Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VIRobert Cline, Fred Davis, Andrew Poole, and David Rothery (First revision)9
cn11Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VIIDavid Rothery’s Second Revision9
cn12Cline 9-Man Diplomacy VIIIRobert Cline, Fred Davis, Simon Billenness and Mike Pustilnik9
rm77Cluster DiplomacySteve Doubleday7
rm03Coast-Running VariantEric Verheiden7
rx25Code DuelloGlenn Overby5
rb06CognacR. Bart7
qp01Cold WarRod Blacksaw5
cs03Collapse of Classical Civilization, 400 A.D. (“4”) 4
nu11Collapse of the ConfederacyS. William Nesbitt and Jim Cheaney7
pa01Collapse of the Dual EmpireRichard Wein6
gh01Colonia IFred Hyatt6
gh04Colonia IIFred Hyatt8
gh05Colonia IIIFred Hyatt8
gh06Colonia III-15Fred Hyatt and Robert Stimmel (requires gh05)15
gh02Colonia IVFred Hyatt9
gh03Colonia VFred Hyatt9
gh09Colonia VIFred Hyatt9
gh10Colonia VIIFred Hyatt and John Cain (map is much reduced in size.)9
gh14Colonia VIIbFred Hyatt and John Cain9
gh11Colonia VIII (VII)Fred Hyatt9
np02Colonial AmericaNick Danfort6
ea04Colonial Diplomacy (Commercial Game)P Hawes7
uu04Colonial VariantGlenn Reed and Peter Berggren7
gh07Colonial WintersFred Winters17
rw01ColonisationLew Pulsipher 
rw05Colonisation Diplomacy IIMichael Allaway8
rp02Compilation of Simple VariantsLew Pulsipher7
rb52Completely Insane DiplomacyMick Haytack7
rv01ComplotEvans Jones 
rs06ConfewshunDavid Staples7
em16Conflict in the Middle EastWilliam Nesbitt5
od01Conquest of AustraliaBob Albrecht6
ne03Conquest of North AmericaAnthony LeBoutillier7
be01Conquest of the LandScott Rich 
wc01Conquest of the New WorldLew Pulsipher 
wc02Conquest of the New World IIFred Davis 
wc03Conquest of the New World IIIFred Davis 
ls01Continent IAndrew Phillips6
ls03Continent IIAndrew Phillips and Fred Davis6
cb57Contretemps (“II”)Tom Swider7
rb61Corner DiplomacyEric Brosius7
sg16Cosmic ClusterGlenn Overby7
sg06Cosmic Diplomacy ILarry Dunning7
rg12Cosmic Diplomacy IIRuss Rusnak7
en01Coup in CanberraAndrew England5
rn26Covert DiplomacyTom Dousette7
rm70Crazy Whacko (CW) HeptadiplomacyMark Nelson7
cm10Croatia DiplomacyLarry Peery7
rb84Crowded DiplomacyAuthor Unknown11
mc06Crusade 1200Tommy Larsson and John Pitre9
mc04CrusadomacyGary Gygax7
rb18Cryptodiplomacy IJohn McCallum7
rv11Cryptodiplomacy IIGlenn Overby7
cc09Crystal Ball DiplomacyManus Hand & John Woolley7
gf25Cthuloid DiplomacyTim Waterhouse and Gary Stevens7