The Balkan Variant (pb11)

by Martin Behal

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Balkan is a 7-player-variant without neutral supply centers.

The variant starts in spring 1915. This is based historically. The Avalon Hill standard rules are valid, but there are three exceptions:

1) Constantinople and the Gulf of Corinth are treated like Con and Kiel in standard variant (or Cairo in modern). Athen is a canal too, but only to avoid an east and a west coast. (In reality Athens is surrounded by water- the Gulf of Corinth- so there is no necessity to have two coasts.)

2) It is possible to build armies in every supply center, not only in the home centers. This allows Serbia to build fleets too.

3) The game starts with a build phase. The starting positions can be chosen by the players.

4) Country abbreviations:

    Austria: A
    Albania: L
    Greece: G
    Bulgaria: B
    Romania: R
    Turkey: T
    Serbia: S

5) There are 21 supply centres, so you need 11 to win