Bud-Bop (rt09)

by Tom Swider

1) This is a game for three sets of partners.  When you sign up for a game, you must sign up in pairs.  It is suggested that each buddy (or “Bud”) sign up individually and states who is his bud.

2) The buds will be placed in one of three pairs of countries as follows:  G/T, I/R, F/A.

3) England is never a player in this variant, which should make Paul Kenny happy.  All its units stand in civil disorder and are disbanded if dislodged.

4) The game plays like regular Diplomacy except that a single win is impossible.  Only partnerships can win.

5) If a stalemate occurs, or the players do not wish to continue playing, victory goes to the buds who control the most supply centers.  If two pairs of buds control the same number of supply centers, then victory goes to the side whose weakest bud has the most supply centers.  Ex:  I/R have 4 and 12.  G/T have 8 and 8.  If the game stalemates or is concluded, G/T would win.  If G/T had 16 and 0 (i.e. Turkey was eliminated), I/R would win.