British Gunboat (rb58)

by Martin Hansen

1) The standard Diplomacy rules apply except where modified below.

2) The players identities are kept secret from each other and are only revealed when the game is finished. Their identities are known only to the GM.

3) There is no diplomacy, the only way players can communicate is by the press.

4) The game starts in Spring 1900 followed by Autumn 1900.  These turns are for press only.

5) The first actual movement of units occurs in Spring 1901.  There is no press in this turn.

6) The following move is Summer 1901 which is a movement season again with no press.

7) This is followed by Winter 1901 which is a press only.

8) The cycle continues with moves in Spring 1902 and Summer 1902 and press only in Winter 1902 and so on.

9) It is illegal to reveal one’s own identity or attempt to discover identities of other players.  Press which reveals intentionally, or otherwise, the identity of any of the players will be adjusted or not published at all.