Boer Diplomacy (dc03)

by Martin Behal

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This is a 6-player-variant (and was especially designed for that reason, because we are a group of 6 people and we were not very satisfied with standard rules for 6 guys. Also there was no stable map-change variant found by us, so I designed the map.) Due to geographical reasons, there are no sea spaces, so all units are used to be armies: Involved are the three independent Boer states after the “Great Trek”, the colonial powers Britain and Portugal and the Zulu tribe. Playtesting has shown, that it is very stable and is a real alternative to standard-6-player.

The six major powers are:

C (Cape Province: Cap(etown), Ste(llenbosch), (Ver)keerde
F (Oranje Free State): Vry(bourg), Blo(emfontain), Kim(berley)
N (Natal): Pmb(Pietermaritzburg), KWi(King Williamstown), PNa (Port Natal)
Z (Zululand): Isa(ndlwana), Ulu(ndi), Mba(bane)
T (Transvaal): Joh(annesburg), Pie(tersburg), Pre(toria)
P (Portugese East Africa): LMa(Laurenco Marques), Inh(ambane), VFS(Villa Franca do Save)

Apart from the absence of fleets, the standard rules of Diplomacy should be used.

The opening move is Spring 1899.