Blind Diplomacy (rd08)

by Lee Kendter, Sr.

1) You will only “see” an enemy unit if it enters your homeland. This is defined at the end of these rules.

2) If a non-home supply center of yours is taken you will be told, but you will not know who took it. (unless dislodged, see rule 5)

3) If you fail to take a space (bounced) you will simply get a underĀ­lined move. You will not know why the move failed, or who caused it to fail.

4) The same goes for cutting of supports.

5) If dislodged from a space, you will know who dislodged you, but not where he came from.

6) Retreats: This is the sticky one. I will not tell you what spaces are available to you for a retreat! If you are forced to retreat, you must take your chances. If you try to retreat to a space that is not available to you (for whatever reason), you will be anniĀ­hilated. Therefore, you must write orders conditional on whether you still have that unit or not. To help out; if you send me your retreat right away, and send me a self addressed postcard I will tell you if the retreat succeed or not. If there are a lot of retreats, I have the option of playing a separate retreat season.

7) You will be informed if a unit can possibly retreat to your homeland. I will tell you that; “an enemy unit might retreat to xxxxxxxxxxxx”. You will have to make conditionals on whether or not this happened.

8) NSU and NSO will not be used. If you order a support to a unit you cannot “see”, you will only have the word of the player that you supported on what happened.

Definition of homeland (what you can see units enter)

Austria: Vie, Bud, Tri, Tyo, Boh, Gal

England: Lon, Lvp, Edi, Wal, Yor, Cly

France: Bre, Par, Mar, Bur, Pic, Gas

Germany: Mun, Ber, Kie, Pru, Sil, Ruh

Italy: Ven, Rom, Nap, Pie, Tus, Apu

Russia: Mos, War, StP, Sev, Ukr, Lvn, Fin

Turkey: Con, Smy, Ank, Syr, Arm

Nobody can see into neutral centers. Nor can you see into sea spaces.

Procedure; You will get a slip of paper with the ‘zine. This will have your move results, sighting reports, and will tell you where to look in the ‘zine for deadlines, press, etc.

If any problem comes up that is not covered in these rules I will do my best to take care of it in a fair and reasonable fashion.

No standbys will be used in this game. If a country drops out, it will go into civil disorder. Also, you will not know if a country has been eliminated.