Blind Diplomacy II (rd24)

by Eric Klein

Regular Diplomacy rules apply except that one cannot “see” the entire board.

A country can always “see” within its own borders.  However, a country can not see around its own borders unless it has units in its border territories.  E.g. France can’t see what’s in Piedmont unless it has a piece in Marseilles (or another territory adjacent to Piedmont).

The following territories are considered “within a country’s borders”:

Austria: Tyo, Boh, Gal, Vie, Bud, Tri

England: Cly, Edi, Lpl, Yor, Wal, Lon

France: Bre, Pic, Par, Bur, Gas, Mar

Germany: Kie, Ber, Pru, Run, Mun, Sil

Italy:  Pie, Ven, Rus, Rom, Apu, Nap

Russia: Fin, Stp, Liv, Mos, War, Ukr, Sev

Turkey: Con, Ank, Arm, Smy, Syr

A country’s units (and Spies) can “see” *all* territories adjacent to their current position.

The only other way to discover the positions of foreign units is through diplomacy.

A ranking of countries in order of supply centers owned will be made public at the end of each year.  The number of supply centers is NOT made public.


Each country will have two Spies (abbreviated by “S”).  Spies can start in any home territory.

1) Spies can do one of three things in a turn:

a) move (abbreviated “-” or “->”),

b) perform counter-espionage (abbreviated “CE”),

c) hold (abbreviated “A”).

Spies cannot do both in one turn.

Spies may move into *any* territory.

A counter-espionage action kills all enemy Spies in the same territory or moving into the same territory as your Spy.

2) One can never have more Spies than home supply centers.

3) A country will lose one spy if its capital is controlled by an enemy unit.  The capitals are considered to be:

Austria: Vienna

England: London

France: Paris

Germany: Berlin

Italy:  Rome

Russia: St Petersburg

Turkey: Constantinople

The spy will be regained when the country’s capital is controlled.

4)  A country’s original Spies may be “rebuilt” in a home supply center provided that rule (2) is not violated.  Spies may be rebuilt during any season.

5)  Spies may occupy the same territory as other units.

6)  A Spy can only be killed by counter-espionage, not by the usual dislodgement rules.  Two or more Spies may exist in the same territory provided that none perform counter-espionage.

7)  Spies are usually invisible.  However, if two Spies occupy or move into the same territory, they can see each other.

8)  The gamesmaster will not report whose Spy has killed any of your Spies through counter-espionage.  However, if your Spy kills another Spy, you will be advised of the deceased Spy’s identity.

9)  If three or more Spies occupy or move to the same territory and two of them are ordered to perform counter-espionage, all Spies in that territory are killed.

10) If three or more Spies occupy or move to the same territory and one of them is ordered to perform counter-espionage, all other Spies in that territory are killed.

11) No spies are allowed in Switzerland.  Any spy that attempts to enter will be interned.  In practical terms, the spy is lost, but may be rebuilt as per rule (4).

Remember:  A Spy can only move or perform counter-espionage in a turn.