Ard-Ri (pi07)

by Stuart John Bernard

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1) The rules of “standard” Diplomacy ® are valid, unless specifically replaced or amended by these rules

2) The “Ard-Ri” variant map replaces the standard map.

3) All references in the “standard” rules to specific powers, provinces, and locations do not apply to “Ard-Ri”.

4) The game begins in Winter 379 A.D. [Note: The game starts with the adjustment phase, in effect you may choose your starting units.]

5) There are 15 supply centers on the board. The winner is the power whom holds all 15 supply centers during an adjustment phase, or the player to whom all other players cede victory.

6) There are five great powers. These great powers may go “raiding” (attack off board areas for profit).  The starting areas are as follows.

ULAID – Ailech, Mag Roth, Emain Macha
CONNACHT – Mona Gha, Cruachu, Tuathal
MIDHE – Uisneach, Guara, Temuir
LAIGIN – Naas, Ailend, Almu
MUMA – Eoghan Mor, Edghanacata, Anu

6a) During Spring orders a fleet in one of the four outermost sea areas (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Erin Sea, North Channel) may give the Raiding order.  [Example: Fleet Erin Sea – Raiding]

6b) During the resolution of Spring orders move any unit ordered to Raid from the sea area to the knot work border of the map.

6c) During Fall orders a “Raiding Return” order most be written for each fleet that went “Raiding”.  This order denotes which of the four outermost sea areas (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Erin Sea, North Channel) the “Raiding” Fleet will return to.  [Example: Fleet Raiding Return – North Atlantic]

6d) A fleet following a “Raiding Return” order may not retreat, and thus is removed from the game as the result of a bounce.

6e) During the next Winter (adjustment) phase the controller of any units that successfully executed the “Raiding Return” order is considered to have an extra Supply Center for each fleet that successfully returned from the raid.

7) There is an optional sixth power, the Vikings.

7a) The Vikings are considered to have three Supply Centers located off board.

7b) During the Winter (adjustment) phase Vikings may order units built (as a result of these off board Supply Centers) in any of the four outermost sea areas (North Atlantic, South Atlantic, Erin Sea, North Channel).  

7c) While the Viking player turns in these orders at the normal time, any unit build from an off board Supply Center is not placed on the board till after the Spring retreats, but before Fall moves.  An existing unit in the target sea area causes a failed build.

7d) The Viking player loses an off board Supply Center for each on board Supply Center he/she gains, till he/she has no off board Supply Centers.

7e) The Viking player may build in any Supply Center he/she controls.

7f) During the Winter phase the Viking player may change any fleet he/she controls, located in a land area, into an army.

7g) The Viking player may not go “Raiding” as described above.


8) The loche (lake) in the north-east blocks travel from Ailech to Mag Roth and Enda to Airgialla.