Amazon Diplomacy (lr02)

by Cristiano Corte Restitutti

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There are 7 players; each one starts controlling one indigenous tribe with one unit:

Blue: Fleet Aquiris
Brown: Fleet Araras
Green: Fleet CaiapĆ³s
Orange: Fleet Goiases
Purple: Army Ianomamis
Red: Army Tucanos
Yellow: Fleet Xavantes

Builds are allowed in any owned supply center.

There are 34 supply centers; each one represents an indigenous tribe.

Each unit is intimately linked to the center it was built: each unit belongs to a single tribe. So changing supply center ownership may also change unit ownership. And changing unit ownership may result in new exchanges of SC ownership!

Adjustments happen in Winter and are adjudicated normally.


Player #1 controls 5 centers, 5 units, after 3 years of game, all them built in the same province – “Aquiris”. So all units are composed of Aquiris Indians! Player #2 controls 4 centers, 4 units. At the end of the 4th year, Player #1 loses the Aquiris province to his neighbour, Player #2, but keep all other centers. Player #2 just conquered Aquiris and nothing more. All 5 Aquiris units revert to Player #2; one of those units is siting over a SC, so it changes ownership as well. In Winter, Player #1 has 3 centers and no units, so he may build 3. Player #2 has now 6 centers and 9 units, thus he must disband 3.

Province Marajoara is a Canal, just like Denmark in Standard. There no provinces with more than one coast.

There are 34 supply centers; 17 Seas; and 26 non-SC land provinces, for a total of 77 spaces.

Starting year is “Year 1”.

Victory condition is 18 *units* after a Fall Phase (thus before winter adjustments).