Alpha Variant (rb122)

by Libby McAfee

1. The map and unit positions at the start of the game are as normal, except that any of the home supply centers (HSC’s) can be ‘deactivated’, becoming a normal SC, while any SC can become an HSC if ‘activated’.

2. Each player will identify one of his original starting pieces as an ‘Alpha’ unit. This identification is submitted in the first season’s orders.

3. At the end of a fall season, if the Alpha unit is occupying a neutral or foreign SC, it takes control of the SC as usual. However, at the end of winter, this SC will be activated as an HSC and one of the player’s old HSC’s must be deactivated.

4. During that winter, the player must identify which HSC will be deactivated. Builds may take place in any of the HSC’s, including the one to be deactivated, but not in the SC about to be activated. If no HSC is identified, the HSC is chosen alphabetically (but cannot be the newly created HSC). Builds, disbands and deactivations are all ordered simultaneously.

5. If an HSC is captured by an enemy Alpha Unit, then it is the HSC of both countries, but can only be built in by the country that controls it.

6. No new Alpha units can be built. If the Alpha unit is destroyed, then the player’s HSC’s remain the same till the end of the game.