Africa 82 (dm02)

by Brian Lorber

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1. The rules of Diplomacy will apply save where indcated below.

2. Opening Positions

There are seven Great powers:

EGYPT: A Alexandria; (A or F) Asyout; (A or F) Cairo

LIBYA: A benghazi; A Marzuq; F Tripoli

MADAGASCAR: F Tamatave; A Tananarive; F Tulear

MOROCCO: A Aaiun; A Casablanca; F Rabat

NIGERIA: A Enugu; A Kano; F Lagos

SOUTH AFRICA: A Cape Town; A Pretoria; F Johannesburg (choice of coast)

ZAIRE: (A or F) Kinshasa; A Kisangani; (A or F) Matadi

Note: Egypt and Zaire have choice starting posiitons, but must start the game with two armies and a fleet. The initial placement of units, including the discretionary placements of Egypt and Zaire, together with South Africa’s choice of coast for F(Johannesburg) takes place in Winter 1982. which is played as a separate season.

3. Suez

Suez is a special space on the map and as such it may be occupied by a unit (army or fleet). However, units may also pass through the space in one move, so the order F(EMS)-RED is a legal move and can take place in one season. However, any unit occupying Suez wiol prevent all moves through the canal by any other player, unless specifically ordered to allow them to pass. Units may also pass directly between cairo and Sinai on the same basis (i.e. they may be blocked by a unit in Suez).

4. Special Build Centres

Certain neutral supply centres may e used as build centres by certian powers. these centres and the Powers that may use them are:

Algeria (Libya and Morocco)
Angola (South Africa and Zaire)
Arabian Peninsula (Egypt)
Chad (Libya and Nigeria)
Liberia (Morocco and Nigeria)
Kenya (Madagascar)
Mozambique (Madagascar and South Africa)
Sudan (Egypt and Libya)
Tanzania (Madagascar and Zaire)
Tunisia (Libya)

List of Spaces

Aai = Aaiun*; Aha = Ahaggar; Ale = Alexandria*; Alg = Algeria*; Ang = Angola*; Arp = Arabian Peninsula*; ARS = Arabian Sea; Asw = Aswan; Asy = Asyut*; Ben = Benghazi*; Bnn = Benin; Bet = Betroka; Bot = Botswana; Baf = Bou Afra; Cai = Cairo*; Cam = Cameroon; Cap = Cape Town*; Crv = Caprivi Strip; Cas = Casablanca*; Caf = Central Africa; Cha = Chad*; Cng = Congo; Cba = Congo Basin; ; Dam = D’Ambre; Dur = Durban; EMS = Eastern Med; Enu = Enugu*; Eri = Eritrea; Eth = Ethiopia*; Faz = Fazzan; Gab = Gabon; Gha = Ghana; Gui = Guinea; Goa = Gulf Of Aden; Gog = Gulf Of Guinea; Ivo= Ivory Coast; Jir = Jirjah; Joh = Johannesburg*; Jos = Jos; Kad = Kaduna; Kan = Kano*; Ken = Kenya*; Kin = Kinshasa*; Kis = Kisangani*; Lag = Lagos*; Lib = Liberia*; Lub = Lubumbaschi; Mai = Maiduguri; Mli = Mali*; Mlw = Malawi; Mar = Marzuq*; Mat = Matadi*; Mau = Mauritania; MAO = Mid-Atlantic Ocean; MIO = Mid-Indian Ocean; MMS = Mid-Mediterranean Sea; Mzb = Mozambique*; MCH = Mozambique Channel; Nam = Namibia*; Ngu = Nguru; Nig = Niger; NAO = North Atlantic Ocean; NIO = North Indian Ocean; NAS = Northern Arab States; Ora = Orange; PER = Persian Gulf; Pre = Pretoria*; Rab = Rabat*; RED = Red Sea; Rho = Rhodesia; Sah = Sahara; Sam = Sainte-Marie; Sen = Senegal; Sin = Sinai; Siw = Siwah; Som = Somalia; SAO = South Atlantic Ocean; SIO = South Indian Ocean; Sps = Spanish Sahara; Sud = Sudan*; Sue = Suez; TAB = Table Bay; Tam = Tamatave*; Tgk = Tanganyika; Tzn = Tanzania*; Tog = Togo; Tri = Tripoli*; Tub = Tubruq; Tul = Tulear*; Tun – Tunisia*; Uga = Uganda*; WAL = Walvis Bay; WMS = Western Medietrranean Sea; Zam = Zambia*