Diplomacy Games Manager (Version 3.54)

by Stewart Cross

This is a freeware Diplomacy adjudication program, developed by Stewart Cross. Essentially the user inputs the orders by hand and the program creates a full adjudication, including a BMP file of the map after the end of the season. A complete game file is maintained, including supply centre charts for the whole game. Widely used in the UK PBM hobby, this software is ideal for GMs who are running several different games of Diplomacy at once.

The program is supplied as a zip file. Create a directory for Diplomacy Game Manager wherever you want it to be and then unzip the file into it. You will need to move the files “grid.vbx” and “cmdialog.vbx” to C:\windows\system.

Diplomacy Game Manager (291 Kb)

This is written in Visual Basic 3.0, therefore it will need to have the VB3 runtime file VBRUN300.DLL (246 Mb) in C:\Windows\system, if you don’t already have it.

If you would like to develop this program further, all I ask is that you let me have a copy of the fruits of your efforts. The source code is here (634Kb).